"Beware ye who ventures to the Eastern Woods. For there lies a creature of no mercy that the common folk call The Griffin. Aye, but t'is no winged beast ye will find, but a man or perchance a woman, who wears a mask so frightening ye would have wished to wrestle a true Griffin instead. Young adventurer, I beg thee to find another bounty, for The Griffin will only take you as theirs." 

 -Pose inspired by CD Project Red's Vernon Roche Gwent Card  
"In golden plate she did thrust the sword Blazeguard deep into the head of the Griffin Phaenon, who had claimed three dogs, five guards, two farmers and seven chickens."
"Ha! Shield Maidens are just a bunch of wenches with toy swords who--" -Gregoir Son of Hamden, last words before Kelpi, Shield Maiden to Loaron beheaded him.

Piece inspired by the Cahir CD Project Red Gwent Card, originally made by Lorenzo Mastroianni

" Pink Plate? There be no such thing as pink plate! What fool would wear pink plate?!"  - Anders Woluf before his tongue getting cut off by Saoirse The Crimson 
"Beware the mud serpents of the infamous Swamp Hollow, they'll nab ya quicker than a fox nabs a chicken. Better take a Avairi Warrior with you- expensive, but worth every gold piece."
“Hatred and prejudice will never be eradicated, and witch hunts will never be about witches - to have a scapegoat, that’s the key. Humans always fear the alien - the odd. Once the mages had left Novigrad, folk turned their anger against other races, and as they have for ages, branded their neighbors their greatest foes.” -Witcher: WH3
" Do not venture to the Snow Veil Dales. For the very second you think yourself alone and safe, ye aren't." 
"Wolves aren't as bad as they're made out to be. Werewolves, though — they're every bit as bad and worse."
"The best tactic when meeting a dragon is to pray to all the gods with no exceptions. Atheists should run - they can thus extend their lives for a few heartbeats. It must be stressed that any of these choices would end in death when made by an amateur."
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